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Sunday, March 13, 2016


To sell or not to sell?

The countdown clock I put on this blog is a crazy reminder of just how little time I have left to sell the majority of my belongings...again!

I originally intended to sell everything that couldn't be of use in my camper but friends of mine have been insistent they store some of my prized collections, like my velvet paintings. I'm sure no one else is as interested in these as I am anyways and the sale price of them wouldn't come close to reflecting my love for them. So I agreed to store those and thanked my friend for the offer. There is also a number of furniture items I am having a hard time deciding whether to let go of; my 1950's table, 1970s hutch, 1950s lamp with boomerang lampshade and the coffee table my father made for me. Then there's my tiki collection that I have spent years building on, ugh, that's a hard one. Virtually nothing I own is new, therefor, it's hard or near impossible to replace once gone.

Why are we so attached?

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it is that makes us so attached to inanimate objects. It's just "stuff" after all. Sometimes it's memories that make us want to keep certain objects or the idea that we couldn't sell it for what it's worth. For me it's a mixture of sentimentality, memories, rareness and just plain enjoying having items I like to look at surrounding me.  I have sold my stuff so many times and there may only be one or two items that I still think about; that red velvet hanging lamp with black tassels or the Bride of Frankenstein candy dish, everything else has been forgotten about for the most part. That doesn't make it any easier this time though. I keep telling myself I need money more than I need things right now, which helps some, but I am surprised by how much I am fighting with myself this time around.

Do you find yourself attached to your belongings? Would you be able to sell most of it in preparation for a big move or downsizing?


  1. I loved that lamp!
    I couldn't get rid of the cat sculpture my Dad got me in Prague or the tablecloth my mother embroidered or the art that I've collected. I think it's ok to like things and to get comfort from them. But none of them could replace a relationship or the memories of one. You can only take that with you.

    1. Yup, I do too! I don't think it's wrong at all to have attachment to things. We all do. I read somewhere once that taking a photo of something you cherish is just as good as owning it. I'm not so sure though.